Entry #2

Hmm...haven't been on in a while...

2014-03-16 21:35:29 by XSAN

Sorry, (and I mean sorry for the small group of people who probably follow me on here...) that I haven't been on here in forever...I've been busy with school *cough* watching and reading hentai and anime/manga..*cough*so anyways, I'm probably going to fill your feed with some character designs for this series I wana do...yeah, to let you know, I have 3 series currently. One of which, is the only one I've been productive with, but not nearly as productive as I wish I could be, and the other, being my first, has kind of had it's story finished, but as for the art...yeah, I serioiusly need to finish the manga...and this third one, well the story is done by an author on wattpad, which a shout out will be made in a following post tonight...she and I basically are from two different countries (UK and US) and have agreed that I would illustrate her story she came up with. I don't want to make this post long, so I'll post about this series in a later post as said before. So anyways, here's the good news: I got a laptop from my dad and now it is making it way easier *cough* to goof off and watch anime *cough* to keep in touch more often wth social media and upload places such as these...I'll see if I can put my twitter up on my link list so you guys aren't competely out of touch with my work... OH! and before I forget, i'm working on this animation...yeah that's all I'm gonna say...I want to upload it strictly here, because I don't necessarily want popularity from it on my youtube channel, since I want to have my youtube soley for my cosplay and vlogging and random bullshit, etc...OK, so don't leave, I'll have another post up within 30 minutes or less.


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